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Game System Engine

Welcome to Silesia Software Soutions home page! Feel free to read information about our 3d engine project Gamesystem and notes about our team.

About our team
        SSSTeam is a group of friends who have a common hobby - programming, especially programming of 3d real-time graphics related software. Each of us is a professional programmer, we work in various companies as software developers on various applications targeting various markets. Our common goal is to create complete environment for game development. We started without any sponsoring and financial support. Currently our project called GameSystem is in very advanced phase of development. Due to lack of free time and artwork development was reduced to maintenance form. But we are open for new people, new ideas and concepts. Especially we look for artists specialized in game development to help us with our technology demo. If you are interested in cooperation with us feel free to contact one of us (you can find our e-mails addresses in team info section).

GameSytem Project
        It is a set of applications which together compose a complex game development environment. You can find specialized editors and viewers for creating things like game level geometry, special effects based on particle systems. Additionally package includes export plugins to popular 3d modeling software and of course the core of GameSystem is a 3d game engine contains fast and advanced renderer, game API, actors and networking support, physics and many more features. For details please see GameSystem section on this site.