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Team Info

Welcome to Silesia Software Soutions home page! Feel free to read information about our 3d engine project Gamesystem and notes about our team.

Engine SDK Info
Game system engine is modern 3D real-time game engine. It features:

  • fast rendering with real-time lighting and shadowing, bump mapping, complex surface definitions, static shadow volume geometry optimizations and more
  • sound system, directx or OpenAL
  • collision detection, including per-triangle tests
  • ODE physics
  • particle effects
  • actors system, with game state saving ability
  • multiplayer, client / server support
  • build in console
  • c++ abstract engine interface for game

and more...
Other tools include: Vulcan - a particle effects editor, level data compiler, model compiler, model viewer and plugins for various 3d modeling software for exporting model data end animations.

Flow - map editor
Flow is a native GameSystem level editor featuring:

  • building geometry form curved, or sharp surfaces and convex blocks
  • CSG operations on convex blocks
  • placing models
  • defining actors
  • creating paths and animations for level geometry
  • real-time WYSIWYG rendering of level geometry while editing
  • fast, simplified rendering for performance